1. V

    Is TrueCrypt safe solution for encrypting the entire disk?

    I am using TrueCrypt for 5 years. And it does not update during all this time. Do you think its safe or its better to look for another solutions?
  2. S

    Giveaway contest Get AMC Security 1 Year Code For Free NOW!!

    AMC Security is the #1 All-in-one app to help protect your phone from any potential threats and boost your device performance to the top. Now,Follow the steps to get one year code!! Please follow steps below to join the campaign: 1.“LIKE”our page on facebook AMC Security | Facebook 2. Tag a...
  3. B

    How to keep your wife away from your phone?

    My wife always wants to check my phone which annoys me, and suddenly I find LEO Privacy, and use it to lock all my apps and also hide images and videos, then every time she wants to check my app will be took a photo, this function is very secure and also make her sad. And I’m very happy about that!
  4. B

    Tips for you all

    Have you meet these situations? Your friend borrows your phone to play games with sensitive photos. Your workmate gets your phone to look the gallery. Your boyfriend o girlfriend reads your private data in your apps. My deskmate always want to play my phone, but I have many secret photos that...
  5. Asif Mahbub

    Anti virus softwares

    which are the best anti virus softwares ??? I need an anti virus which will protect my pc and won't slow it down , and specially won't hamper the smooth performance of my browsers.
  6. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips Exploit kit attacks DNS settings of over 50 different router models

    Internet users that have not secured their wireless router may soon face potential issues. A French researcher has discovered an exploit kit that targets and attacks many well known router models from reputable manufacturers. In recent times, home and office routers (SOHO) have become a primary...
  7. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips Microsoft, LastPass and others post solutions to handle Superfish

    An adware called Superfish is making big waves currently on the Internet after news spread that PC manufacturer Lenovo shipped some -- it is still not clear which devices are affected -- consumer PC models with the software preinstalled. The core purpose of Superfish is to display advertisement...
  8. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips Privdog is Superfish all over again

    Privdog is a privacy protection software that is available as a standalone product for the Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browser and bundled with select Comodo products including Comodo Dragon and Internet Security. According to Comodo's website it ships with...
  9. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.1 to ship with UI changes and feature improvements

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a powerful program that you can run on your Windows system next to other security software to add another layer of protection to it. The free version offers an on-demand scanner only while the premium version of the product real-time protection on top of it. The...
  10. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips Scan files for hidden executable contents

    Attackers have multiple options when it comes to disguising executable files on a system to trick users into running them. A common approach is to make use of Windows' option to hide known file types which may make it more difficult for users to identify the type of a file. There are other...
  11. P

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus – this great giveaway by is guaranteed to provide an all-round protection for your precious computer and personal data.
  12. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips Information about a super digitalvirus Regin

    I found in Internet an interesting article about a new Super Spy Virus with name Regin. What this Virus do you can read here more about it: German: Digitale Super-Wanze in English: Regin: Top-tier espionage tool enables stealthy surveillance | Symantec Connect Enjoy :phone:
  13. T


    U ogranicenom vremenskom periodu od 3 dana, Bitdefender Total Security 2015, 6-mesecna licenca, potpuno besplatno: Bitdefender Total Security 2015 (100% Discount) Kompletno resenje za zastitu vaseg racunara od malware-a.