file transfer

  1. J

    Free file or folder transfer up to 5GB

    New service for sharing large files and folders online - FileWhopper - offers great deal for new users: - First transfer up to 5GB is free (1 download and 14 days of storage is included)
  2. J

    Test the beta version of a new service that lets you send really huge files: FileWhopper

    - Send up to 3 files or folders of up to 1TB each for FREE in beta; - Add additional services to your transfers, like more downloads or more days of storage, for FREE; - There are no hidden additional fees; - Track the progress of all active uploads and your file recipient’s downloads from your...
  3. PastorBurt

    AutoFTP Client

    Hi, Friends: Two years ago I came to this site, and opened a thread just like this for two other programs that I had created, Auto Shutdown Pro II and Auto Shutdown Free. These are to this day very good programs that run in 66 languages including Croatian. This site embrace those programs...