8.1 update

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    A Complete Tutorial about How to Downgrade iOS 12

    Here are two methods to accomplish the downgrade: downgrade the operating system with backup or without backup. Certainly, it would be better and safer to roll back your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11 through a backup. So for those who have made a backup before upgrading to iOS 12, they are strongly...
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    Why You Should Update to iOS 12?

    All the users of iOS devices are strongly recommended to make an iOS update. That's because: - The new iOS version can fix some bugs of the old version; - You can enjoy some new feature after the update, such as the group FaceTime, screen time, faster performance, 3D object recognition, etc...
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    Downloading Windows 8.1 from Win 8.0

    When I downloaded 8.1 from the 8.0 version my computer became all messed up. My peripheral software-hardware stopped working, my printer would not work- until lastly my computer just would not start at all! My HP computer is also new, only 5 months old. I had to called HP repair corporation to...