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  1. Dodie

    Make Greeting Cards for Any Occasion

    Nowadays, many guys would like to create cards online and mail digital greeting cards to their recipients. They find this way is more convenient and suitable for the modern lifestyle of young people. Although there are many free online greeting cards maker for you to simply edit and create any...
  2. Dodie

    Free Music Apps for Android

    1) Super MP3 Downloads Super MP3 Downloads allows you to search the Internet for the desired song genre and provides access to quite a large database. All search results include song duration, name of the artist, as well as other similar songs. You can choose to download the song or just play...
  3. Dodie

    Web Banner Design in The Past and at Present

    Webmasters worldwide have been using custom web banner design solutions to participate in the vast, exciting and feature-rich internet advertising arena and even when you have a look back at the web marketing status a decade ago, you would find animated plus static banner graphics in place. This...
  4. Dodie

    planning your wedding to do list

    Do you know what should include when planning your wedding to do list? Below are some wedding tips you should know. Book Venue: Venues book up fast—in some cases, up to a year in advance. Draft Guest List: I suggest doing this in a Google Doc spreadsheet so that your family can easily access the...
  5. Dodie

    How to Express Birthday Greetings?

    Birthday is the best day of the year for a particular person. It is a day of celebration, fun and enjoyment. Friends, relatives, everybody throng your place so as to wish you and give their happy birthday greetings. This expression of greet and smiles all around rejoice this special day. The...
  6. Dodie

    HTML5 VS Flash Banner

    According to the report Adobe Flash is on its last legs, HTML5 is the future, Flash is the past. A specialist point out “The entire rich media advertising space was initially built on flash, However, HTML5 capability that is native to browsers has long caught up to Flash. Those who have not...
  7. Dodie

    What is best sizes for banner ads?

    If you are looking for making a banner ad that looks superb and lures guests to your website is something that presupposes advertising information, graphic design experience, and an arrangement for your crusade. If you want to know the best sizes for these types of banner ads, here I will share...
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    Greetings from China

    Welcome. :silent:
  9. Dodie

    Immortalise Memories with Photo Collage Maker

    Design options for photo prints on the Photo Collage Maker for Mac doesn't stop at the type of image you use either. With this tool, you can add a whole new element to the design. Besides, you can set the standard sizes of your any photo collages. That means that you can not only use the more...
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    Do you miss your family ?

    We should always go home to visit the family. :p
  11. Dodie

    A Good Solution to Your Digital Photo Editing Needs

    When looking for user-friendly picture collage editor software, you should consider Photo Collage Maker for Mac. With all the features of a comprehensive photo editing software, Photo Collage Maker for Mac will allow you to enhance almost every detail of your photos. Although it is fully...
  12. Dodie

    how to design ?

    If you form a company, how do you design your company logo and business card design? Ok, there are 5 types of Business Card design. Which one do you like more? 1) Standard US & Canada Business Cards 2) Micro Business Cards 3) Square Business Cards 4) Folded Business Cards 5) Custom...
  13. Dodie

    Antivirus Software

    I use 360 antivirus software. :)
  14. Dodie

    free mp3 finder

    Thank you . To be able to help you found the best free mp3 resource, we provide some most popular free mp3 download sites. Hope you can enjoy them.:teeth:
  15. Dodie

    Wedding thank you cards?

    So the wedding is over and now I want to start my thank you card . I Was just wondering what is a good way to say thank you for the money, gifts, their attendance and etc. Also, do you think its still a good idea to send thank you card to anyone who came to my wedding? It’s certainly right, we...
  16. Dodie

    Free Invitations Party Templates & Wordings

    Accepting an invitation of party is a great way to get out from your daily boring routines and develop a new relationship, it’s so realistic to enjoy in a party with close loved ones or other individuals that’s outside of your comfort zone. A solid party invitation is so important to caught the...
  17. Dodie

    Personalized Photo Gift

    We always have the need to send some photo gifts to our beloved ones, especially on some occasions that are a cause for celebration throughout the year. For example, aspects such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, anniversaries, Mothers and Father’s day as well as Valentines Day and Weddings are...
  18. Dodie

    tips on newsletter

    A newsletter is often an overlooked business and marketing tool. The truth is that it, if used properly, it can grow your business by gaining you new customers or encouraging existing ones to purchase more. Here are some tips on how to make a newsletter . Clearance Sale A great way to activate...