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  1. R giveaway Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 giveaway

    Thanks but is not giveaway,...
  2. R giveaway MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows giveaway

    Interesting software, I am testing in the past and its easy and fast, but sometimes is some complicated get a real finally megabytes for the converted video
  3. R giveaway Wise Care 365 giveaway

    Thanks, it is a good software but I download in the past the promotion for Kerish Doctor and for this momento works fine for me
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    Giveaway AmoyShare Christmas Giveaway

    Thanks for the software, I am not use iOS but some people on my family works with iPad and anothers computers by Apple
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    What is the best AntiVirus for PC 2014

    Avast works great for power computer For notebooks I think the best is Kingsoft Antivirus