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    Best free antivirus?

    I think my computer is effed up. And i wanna run a scan with an antivirus. Which one should i use?
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    Best and cheap cloud storage?

    If anyone knows please let me know Why is it the best?
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    Best cleaner and optimizer?

    I wanna know which is the best cleaner and optimizer for pc. which can clean the crap without causing me a lot of trouble.
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    Games not working on windows 10?

    Previously installed games. That worked fine on windows 8.1 . No more work on windows 10. what should i do. re install?
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    What games would run smooth on my system.? Suggest

    Intel i5 3rd gen 3337U with Ati Radeon 7670M 1gb Video Ram And 4gb RAM.? Suggest good games. FPS and free world games.?
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    What is the best music player? with great equalizer options?....................................

    I want a music player with nice UI. But one that sounds great as well. And have many equalizer options. Suggest