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    Mac Data Recovery Software

    For Mac users, here's the best Mac data recovery software in the market today. As you can see, a number of scenarios can create a need for installing and using a data recovery Mac software. For example, a simple power outage while working on an important file often results in lost information...
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    who is your role model

    Mark Zuckerberg
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    PewDiePie or VanossGaming
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    How do use Skype

    You sure you need tutorial for this? :D
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    Pokemon Go - who is playing?

    When it was first released, I was a regular player but it tired me out. So now I only play occasionally.
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    What are you playing now?

    Dota, NBA, Sims, Call of Duty.
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    What is your favorite video player ?

    VLC works best for me. :happy:
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    Fastest Browser Chrome Alternative

    I would go for Vivaldi (y)
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    What the best Browser you use

    Safari and Chrome!
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    Me too! Been using that for my video files.
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    New! vdieo editor software for linux is out

    Okay, great! Let me check it out.
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    Pavtube 2017 Summer Sales 20% Off: DVDAid

    Ok great! Thanks thanks! :)
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    iphone apps

    What apps are you specifically looking for - games, camera, social media, etc?
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    24 hours or less Giveaway Software Update Pro 5.43

    All right, gonna try this! Thanks.
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    Which software do you hate the most?

    Hmm, it's Mac Cleaner for me!