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  1. songoku316

    What the best Browser you use

    google chrome 64 bits very fast and secure
  2. songoku316

    IObit Software. Opinions?

    Iobit Driver booster my favorite driver updater software
  3. songoku316

    What is the best media player?

    my favorite is pot player
  4. songoku316

    What do you think are the benfits of having VLC?

    benefits you don't need codecs and is free
  5. songoku316

    What is your favorite system optimization software?

    my favorite is Wise Care 365 Pro and kerish doctor
  6. songoku316

    What's your Internet Speed?

    broadband cable 20mb/s
  7. songoku316

    VPN Review

    Express vpn and IPvanish are very good
  8. songoku316

    Which mobile OS you use?

    Smartphone Android
  9. songoku316 giveaway Kepard VPN

    today kepard VPN send me the email thanks admin
  10. songoku316

    What is the last hardware you bought?

    Kingston HyperX Savage SSD 240GB
  11. songoku316

    Best free antivirus?

    paid version kaspersky and nod32 and free qihoo 360
  12. songoku316

    Best and cheap cloud storage?

    mega is the best choice and is free
  13. songoku316

    What do you use for gaming?

    i like to use pc better resolutions and performance
  14. songoku316

    Free public DNS servers

    very good article dns not only helps for speed also for prevent malware sites and phishing sites
  15. songoku316 giveaway Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    squaresoft rpgs are amazing excellent giveaway
  16. songoku316

    best antivirus

    best paid antivirus kaspersky and nod32 and best free qihoo 360
  17. songoku316

    Which you using Firewall?

    Eset Smart security 9 built in firewall
  18. songoku316

    What is your favorite text edition software?

    Notepad+ very good
  19. songoku316

    Alternatives to Microsoft Office

    Libre office is the best choice
  20. songoku316

    What is your favorite Internet search engine?

    duckduckgo is very good better privacy options than others