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    Giveaway contest Sticky Password 3x lifetime license and 10x yearly license

    Very secure online backup. Wifi backup. Very easy to use. Thank you for the giveaway. It's my favorite.
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    Giveaway contest VPN SEED4.ME.7 lifetime subscriptions VPN is a very generous VPN provider. 1 VPN account can be used on all the devices. This is very helpful as we don't have to buy multiple subscription. Thank you @ahmadkhaje. Count me in.
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    How do you recover lost data from your hardware?

    Recuva is great.... other one would be R Studio.
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    Laptop vs PC vs tablet

    I have 2 laptops and a desktop.
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    Do you have SSD disk?

    no. but i'm thinking of buying one soon
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    Use these two "Top Rated" freeware uninstallers together

    Will give it a try. thanks
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    Suggest giveaway

    Some good multimedia player like Splash pro ex
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    herdProtect anti-malware

    I've used it once... They're doing good. Got a lot and lot of AVs on their server side.
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    Windows XP is going to die ;)

    My age old desktop still has XP. But I turn that computer on, only once or twice a year :D
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    What are you playing now?

    Need for speed most wanted
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    Windows Defender Offline

    Thank you for the info
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    What's your Internet Speed?

    My latest speed is 2.5MB down and .9MB up :(
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    List of anti-malware product removal tools

    Thanks for the info
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    Ashampoo Snap 7

    Do it man. would love it. :)
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    Ashampoo Snap 7

    can anyone give me one ???
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    What web browser do you use?

    google chrome