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  1. Long Engie

    Download Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

    But I can't post it, this forum don't allows to post download link, I tried a few minutes ago. And well, this is that link. Microsoft not offical to users yet. This is picture
  2. Long Engie

    Do you have legal Windows?

    Yes, I do. Buy laptop with genuine Windows 10
  3. Long Engie

    Download Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

    Agree with you. And in experiment mode. It have more choice to test than other browser, expect Firefox. Sadly, it's use computer's connection (just like MS Edge UWP version - old version) so you can only use proxy, can't use SOCK. I have stable download link.
  4. Long Engie

    i need to know best free vpn

    Well, after tested a lot of free VPN, if you are the proffessional, use OpenVPN and find their free VPN on their web to connect. But if you're not, I prefer OkayVPN because most site I visited, it can hide me most, and it's have some free countries choice so you can choose. But Firefox really...
  5. Long Engie

    free antivirus :Bkav Home Plus

    Well this is not the best. It's very bad. It can't protect your PC from virus because scanner very bad. The Windows system file have deleted by it a lot of time. And the scanner scan the temp file and says that it virus, that's why when you use it and scan, it always says that PC have viruses...