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    I see this last giveaway required 12 messages in past 3 days, up a bit from before. Don't know if it's because of the value of the giveaway or just an adjustment. I don't find that excessive and think it is more than reasonable. In fact I stop by a lot just to see if anything new or exciting...
  2. J

    Truecrypt alternative needed

    Supposedly Truecrypt is no longer safe and I need an alternative. Does anyone have any suggestions of alternative programs they have experience with that can encrypt partitions?
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    Missing giveaways

    I generally check in here everyday, but somehow I manage to miss every decent/unique giveaway! I just went out and bought Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 3 because I missed it (as well as every other Ashampoo giveaway you've had). The last was Ashampoo Music Studio 5, which I really, really...