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  1. Coldsteel2014

    Does anyone play insurgency on Steam?

    If so, What are the most realistic in mods? I have a few I got from packages and some arent "realistic". I am 11yr veteran with 3 tours in OEF/OIF and tho the game does good on realism on scenery. The sound and weapons mods can do better.
  2. Coldsteel2014

    Can I use 3 screens for Insurgency?

    I play Insurgency on Steam. Just was curious if I could use 3 monitors on game and if it is worth it?
  3. Coldsteel2014

    How do I know if giveaway is legit?

    I got sent e PM saying I won and give email and they will send key for steam. Is this how it works? I hope so, I been wanting the game for sooo long!
  4. Coldsteel2014

    Adobe flash pro CS6

    I keep getting the splash screen then it shuts down...
  5. Coldsteel2014

    Has anyone used Milk

    I am looking to use milk in VLC. anyone know how?
  6. Coldsteel2014

    Webroot is good

    My only issues with Webroot is the continuance of updating. Can you stop updates from happening?
  7. Coldsteel2014

    voice comms

    Anyone know how to use voice comms on Ghost recon
  8. Coldsteel2014

    How to optimize...

    I am having issues trying to optimize adobe cs6...Anyone have any knowledge of this?
  9. Coldsteel2014

    Can u make a .gif visualizer

    Has anyone done this? gif for music visualizer?
  10. Coldsteel2014

    Adobe PS6

    I am looking for the best optimal settings.
  11. Coldsteel2014

    p5n32-e sli mobo

    I have the Asus p5n32-e sli mobo. what is the most I can upgrade for sound card?
  12. Coldsteel2014

    Webbroot or Kaparsky

    The last post went well. It was AVG or webroot. Now they are giving Kaparsky. which would you keep laparsky or keep webroot
  13. Coldsteel2014

    Spotify ?

    So am I not got this set up right? My music goes up and down with sound during my web browsing any ideas?
  14. Coldsteel2014

    Best for beginners?

    I am looking for a OS that would require very minnimum experience to the end user. Any Ideas?
  15. Coldsteel2014

    AVG or WeBROOT

    I am back and forth on this and would likt to ask others oppinion?
  16. Coldsteel2014

    Is there a a light software?

    I am looking for a light weight software progream. everything seems to run so hard over all my applications.
  17. Coldsteel2014

    What proxy software is best?

    I am looking for one that is not considered a "ip hider".
  18. Coldsteel2014

    Music visualizer

    Is there anything better than Gforce or whitecap? I have both but seems difficult to program.
  19. Coldsteel2014

    Genius software or soundmax?

    I got a genius headphones and the driver kinda works better then the soundmax. which is better?
  20. Coldsteel2014

    Ati Radeon 2600XT

    I am having issues with this anyone else?