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    Ashampoo® Backup 2020 / v 12.06

    The forum is "software giveaways and promotions", and the subforum is "windows giveaways". Since your post is neither a giveaway nor a promotion, it's off-topic. But, thanks for your concern.
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    Ashampoo® Backup 2020 / v 12.06

    This is not a giveaway.
  3. L giveaway Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 giveaway

    WinOptimizer is a very good program. I am using v16 and it has replaced Advanced System Care for routine maintenance on my home computer. Even the freeware WinOptimizer 2019 is a fine program and I have been using it on my laptop with very good results. It would be nice to have the new version...
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    What web browser do you use on PC?

    In order of use: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Comodo Dragon, Vivaldi, Internet Explorer, Edge. I do a lot of website testing.
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    Giveaway contest Ashampoo WinOptimizer16,10key,lifetime

    Easiest and most powerful computer maintenance package on the planet for computer novices, professionals and everyone in between.
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    What web browser do you use on PC?

    Comodo Dragon. Chrome clone, but with built-in secure DNS.
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    Giveaway EaseUS Software Giveaway

    Tried to activate both EaseUS Todo and Partition Manager with the keys provided several times. Both programs hung and wouldn't activate.
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    Giveaway Avanquest PDF Expert 10 Professional

    You can register but you can't download.
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    Giveaway Neptune SystemCare Ultimate

    Virtually the same as Wise Care 365 and by the same company.
  10. L giveaway eM Client 7

    Using the free version, which is great. But it would be nice to have the pro version. I'd like to add a caldav site to my accounts but I can't because the free version limits you to two accounts. Great program.