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    Hurtworld giveaway link is busted

    FYI The Hurtworld giveaway link just ends up being redirected to the main giveaway page.
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    Please, Don’t Touch Anything giveaway link is busted

    FYI, The link for Please, Don't Touch Anything is bad. Redirects to the main page
  3. C giveaway iSlide giveaway

    Only a ONE MONTH trial, and during the summer, not during the academic year, when I'm making presentations. Much as I would like to try this out, I've got other things to do right now...
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    What do you use to remove adds?

    Opera browser has a built-in ad blocker. Plus it tends not to be subject to most exploits.
  5. C giveaway GOM Player Plus giveaway

    Merci Beaucoup!
  6. C giveaway Ashampoo Home Designer Pro giveaway

    Thanks for the giveaway.
  7. C giveaway Freemake Super Speed Pack giveaway

    Thanks for the giveaway. Been wanting to try this out properly for a while. Got a bunch of videos sitting around that needs re-encoding with specific manipulations - and the old software I used went away with the demise of the developer and an old machine.
  8. C giveaway PowerDVD giveaway

    Yes. There's only PowerDVD & WinDVD that really work well as players. And often, only one works better on any particular combination of hardware. So, yes please, and thank you for this opportunity.
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    24 hours or less Giveaway UnHackMe 8.12

    Always good to have in your toolkit.
  10. C giveaway Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

    Merci Beaucoup.
  11. C giveaway MoneyWiz 2

    The link worked for me
  12. C giveaway Awario

    OK, so you setup an account immediately, but it doesn't ask for a password??? WTF kind of security is being implemented?
  13. C giveaway reaConverter

    Thanks for the giveaway
  14. C giveaway Awario

    3-month trial instead of 14-days. Will give this a spin.
  15. C giveaway Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

    Always useful information from SMART inquiry. However, note that not all manufacturers use the same fields the same way - what shows as normal wear & tear for one mfg is an indicator of a problem for another.
  16. C giveaway Face Crop Jet

    OK, this will save a few minutes. Thanks for the giveaway.
  17. C giveaway PowerDVD

    If you're giving away one of the only two truly usable players, you gotta enter!
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    Giveaway contest Emsisoft Anti-Malware 5 key

    If anything, Emsisoft tends to be little too paranoid, false positives can be an issue. But better false positives than false negatives when it comes to malware.
  19. C giveaway Dungeonland Collection

    let's give it a whirl. Sometimes, you just need to relieve some stress...
  20. C giveaway Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 giveaway

    Kaspersky has one of the best anti-malware platforms out there. Get the giveaway!