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    Giveaway contest Sticky Password 3x lifetime license and 10x yearly license

    They've good security. I've tried them in the past and loved them. Their windows software is very good. They also provide lifetime license which is very good for people who doesn't want to pay every year. Thank you for the giveaway.
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    Giveaway contest VPN SEED4.ME.7 lifetime subscriptions

    I'm new to vpn. After reading a lot about VPNs I'm trying them one at a time. I don't know much about vpn but I'll give it a try. Their Android app seems very simple and straight forward which I like. I've been a longtime lurker of this forum. I skipped a lot of giveaways but since it's...
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    Do you use a 32-bit OS or 64-bit OS ??

    I use 64-bit. And IMO everyone using 32-bit should upgrade to 64-bit.
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    free wordpress themes

    Wordpress is better or Blogger ??
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    What is your Windows Experience Index?

    My one is 3.8... :P
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    Genie Timeline Professional 2013

    Looking forward for a genie timeline 2014 giveaway.
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    security softwares

    norton internet security works for me
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    With this configurtation, no virus in 3 years!

    thanx bro. i'll try this