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    Giveaway contest My IP Hide

    Ckecked level of anonymity at this check, it said "You are using anonymization tools, but we could not find your real IP address. Probability of anonymization: 50 %". Quite good for me, not as good as vpn check result, but good. Thnx
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    Alternatives to Microsoft Office

    Cloud services at Google is good
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    Which mobile phone do you have?

    Lenovo S660 (bad for me becouse of gps)
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    Anime Chat

    What is the best anime did you saw in 2016?
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    Any recomendation about cool channels? like PewDiePie or RWJ
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    Where are you from?

    Ukraine :eek: :sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:
  7. VikaIvanenko1 giveaway Serious Sam 3: BFE

    Cool, tnx for link!
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    i hope new phones will have possibility to use them as VR-glasses. VR is very fun
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    yo:X3: cool forum here
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    What web browser do you use?

    How title of new web-browser at Win10?
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    What do you use to remove adds?

    i don't use blockers, i like to watck ads :D
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    What's your Internet Speed?

    My internet speed is 82.5
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    What IM client you use?

    plus Telegram and Viber
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    What is your favorite audio player

    oh, i wish aimp had so much cool skins as old winamp
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    Anti virus softwares

    wow, so muck Kasperskiy fans, i prefer Avira