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    What browser do you use?

    Chrome, Firefox on Windows. Chrome, Mozilla on OS ;)
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    I forgot my password to pdf file

    Try PDF Password Recover.
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    Why Windows 10?

    easy to use with good GUI
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    24 hours or less Giveaway Wonderfulshare PDF Merge Pro

    Looks great! I will have it a try
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    How to Add Watermark to PDF on Mac?

    Agreed. The watermarking content should be editable.
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    Alternatives to Microsoft Office

    Sounds good. I think it will figure my problem out.
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    24 hours or less Giveaway PDF Merge Pro Giveaway | All PDF Converter & PDF Password Recover Discount

    In the course of your writing, sometimes you’ll have multiple documents that you need to combine into one. Easy enough for Word files, but slightly harder with PDF, unless you have a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Wonderfulshare PDF Merge Pro! Wonderfulshare PDF Merge Pro lets you...