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    What is the best office software?

    It all depends on what best suites your requirement.
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    Kaspersky pure 3.0 vs bitdefender total security 2015

    Kaspersky has the best Virus Labs.
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    Free public DNS servers is quite famous!
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    What IM client you use?

    Pidgin is good.
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    Mp3 player

    If its a windows phone you surely must have Media Player which is good to go!
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    which is the best photo editing software?

    It all depends on your task. Photoshop is good but not necessary for beginners. You could try GIMP. However best software is the one that has just the feature that drives your work home!
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    What is best Antivirus fro Lap?

    Kaspersky has the best virus labs!
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    Photoshop free?

    Better go for GIMP!
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    Recommended First Person Shooter Games

    CS if you're beginner!!
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    About Libre office

    Best Office suite you could ever think of... certainly you'll be disappointed if you're fan of ribbon!
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    What is your favorite video player?

    vlc is very good!
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    Its good.. if not outstanding though!
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    Best free realtime voice changer

    lol... Why do you need a software for that :glasses:
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    What is your favorite audio player

    WMP .. Why do i need something extra?
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    How to Convert DVD to Samsung Galaxy S4 Compatible Videos

    Use any Video converter!