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  1. Michael Campa giveaway OkayFreedom VPN

    Me again --the link for the download finally showed up ( I noticed it a few hours later). A serial number was given with it. I have yet to install it to say if it is or sin't advert free and to what degree it is a good VPN. Let's hope for the best :-)
  2. Michael Campa giveaway OkayFreedom VPN

    4 postings in the forum are needed. OK I understand this and have done so--and then what? How does one get it after this? And since the source's website already offers it for free I'm assuming (or hoping) the version given away here is NOT supported by advertising as is the free one on it site.
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    Alternatives to Microsoft Office

    Since, for better or worse, 90% of the world is using Microsoft Office I think the other free ones, including the great Open Office, need to make it more compatible with Microsoft. I know it is. at least on paper, but I still find opening documents from MS often don't exactly look like as they...
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    What web browser do you use?

    Wow the last time someone wrote here was 3 years ago. Hmm how ''unbusy'' is this forum? but to answer this Q, now that it is 2016: Cyberfox, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Luna, in this order (Can't presently use Chrome since I am in China now.)
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    What is your favorite graphics editor

    Well Photoshop does seem to be the standard, does it not? Heck, it is even part of our every day lexicon now: "It looks photoshopped." GIMP needs some tweaks here and there to make it more user friendly I would think but is definitely up there :-)
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    What IM client you use?

    It seems you guys are not aware of what about 1.2 billion people (China) seem to prefer: WeChat
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    What is your favorite audio player

    I liked WinAmp too but am surprised MediaMonkey is not on the list--very surprised