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    Let's talk about the iTunes

    I haven't used iTunes for a long time. I use iCloud to backup my iPhone. and when it comes to transferring media files to my iPhone, I try to avoid using it as well. The application's interface is bad. Anytime I want to sync music or video, I need to get on Google and search for some tutorials.
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    Which OS do you have on your phone?

    iP7 - iOS 11. Don't really like it
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    Photoshop free?

    Gimp is the best free alternative
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    Photoshop free?

    Gimp is the best free alternative
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    freemake is good. I've been using it for years.
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    DVDFab introduced a new product named Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS

    iOS 11 now has built-in screen recording feature
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    Thanks, Will definitely give it a try
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    The Best iTunes DRM Audio Converter

    Anytime I try connect to my iPhone it display a weird error message in Chinese
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    Screen recorder?

    I use Ezvid. Your video won’t be watermarked, and you can record for up to 45 minutes uninterrupted. The software will add a brief splash at the start of your recording by default, but you can right-click and delete this via the project window.
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    How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android Phone

    thanks, didn't know there is a tool for this
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    iphone apps

    Social media: Facebook, Twitter :funny:
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    How to Protect Privacy And Free Up Space On iPhone

    iOS 11 has a function called offload unused apps. Check it out.
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    I forgot my Windows 10 admin password, how to reset?

    try reset windows 10 with the recover windows password software
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    Why Windows 10?

    I've heard that the number 9 can lead to an end. And iPhone doesn't have iPhone 9 as well