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  1. L giveaway Battlefield: Bad Company 2 giveaway

    this game really good when comparise to another BF3 BF4 when you have to buy some dlc for that for fully expeience
  2. L giveaway Euro Truck Simulator 2 giveaway

    well the game is pertty good make me feel relax on all the mater
  3. L giveaway Grand Theft Auto V giveaway

    well finaly the giantic boom has fallen to pc master race,hope for another month
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    Comparison between 3DS and 2DS

    i think 3ds more upgared than the 2ds so buy it for sure if i were you
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    What is your favorite racing game?

    need for speed most wanted 2005,nf underground i miss that day hope for nfs underground 3
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    EA games free with limited gameplay time

    already try bf4 thank for that
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    GTA V for PC

    finaly preoder still love this