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  1. J giveaway Ashampoo Privacy Protector

    Does anyone know how secure this really is?
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    What is your favorite video player?

    Somewhat new, and also free: Digiarty's 5K player - Played everything I tried so far. Seems very nice - they don't always make the best paid software, but it's always decent and a good bang for the buck.
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    What's your Internet Speed?

    35.85 MB/s download and 6.25 MB/s upload.
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    Windows 10 build 10159 is out

    Yeah that's for the fast track - how do I tell what the most current version is for the slow track? I don't want to trash my multiboot system with the fast track stuff.
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    Do you have legal Windows?

    I used to be a programmer so that's nice to hear. But why OEM? AFAIK, it will be tied to whatever machine you install it on, and if your machine dies, you lose your W7 license with it. I think you'd really be better off with the RTM version. I remember paying over $300 (with tax) for Vista...
  6. J giveaway The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I've logged more hours playing this game than any other, and it is very re-playable. If you like this style of game you're in for a real treat, and the visuals can be breathtaking. .
  7. J giveaway Internet Download Manager

    Very, very good software. This site never ceases to amaze me - there is no other site that comes close to carrying such quality software on a consistent basis. Almost too good to be true. I'm starting to suspect that you are very wealthy and are just buying these things for us out of the...
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    Giveaway contest Giveaway Media Player Morpher PLUS is normally priced at $199/95

    This looks Awesome - you keep on kicking it man! The features I'm most interested in are the mixing features (I used to be a musician) and the voice morphing (I love creating stuff). I have absolutely no experience with this program, but I can't wait to try it out! Thank for all your effort -...
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    Use these two "Top Rated" freeware uninstallers together

    That sounds like a good suggestion for the free version of Revo, but if you have the paid version is there any benefit to also running comodo?
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    Register NOW and get your 100 GB Storage FREE

    Thanks for the information. I will definitely look into it.
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    Tweaks & Tips Supersize your free cloud storage to 100GB or more

    Wow, what a nice write up - thanks very much!
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    Abandonware on

    never mind I found it - link should be Abandonware games downloads
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    Abandonware on

    Ummm - I still just get redirected back to the main menu. Is your link above working?
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    How to Restore Missing Hibernate Option in the Power User WinX Menu in Windows 8

    Good info - thanks. Does Hibernate work reliably in windows 8? If so, why take it out?
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    Tweaks & Tips How to enable start menu in Windows 8

    for free, Classic Shell is very good (Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements). I use it on a number of family computers, but use Start8 from Stardock on my main computer. While Start8 is a bit better, Classic shell still does the job well.