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    What is your favorite graphics editor

    I have to say overall for me it is Photoshop. However, I find myself using GIMP lately
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    i need to know best free vpn

    Does it work for Netflix as well? I so desperately need one for that...
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    Fastest Browser Chrome Alternative

    Hm... currently I've been using DuckDuckGo for anonymous browsing and Firefox every day for everything else and I am pretty happy with their performance and can suggest them for sure :) I am not a fan of Chrome...
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    What do you use to remove adds?

    So, since my last question, I've been doing some research and I found a browser which lets you surf anonymously, and has the option to remove the ads. It's called DuckDuckGo and is pretty cool. If you don't want to try that, perhaps you would like to learn how exactly do adblockers work. Here...
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    I used it last year but since then I haven't uploaded anything on there. I am just checking it occasionally to see what my friends are posting but I see that a lot of them are not using it anymore as well.
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    iOS Data Recovery Software

    wowww...... that's so useful! Does it have a time limit within which it works or you can recover everything you've deleted?
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    What Was The Last Movie You Saw?

    The last one was Gerald's Game. It's a pretty intense movie I would say...
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    Free Resume Template 2018

    Thanks a lot for sharing them! Very convenient :)
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    What is your favorite image browser?

    Mine is FastStone, works fine for me!
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    What is your favorite video player?

    Yeah, MPC is good as well
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    Are you using anti-exploit software?

    I am not but should I start?
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    What do you use to remove adds?

    Is there a free adblocker that you can suggest?
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    What web browser do you use on PC?

    I am using Firefox, I am so used to it at this point that can't see myself using anything else...
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    Hello, everyone! I am also new to the forum :) how are you doing?
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    What is your favorite video player?

    I've been using VLC and I am pretty satisfied with it.