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    Why do you read books?

    Why do I read books? A great book takes you into the mind of the author. The reader quits thinking his thoughts which are replaced by the author's words. ...The author's experience/mind becomes yours. Reading books is a very quick way to gain knowledge and wisdom from the experience of others...
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    Thank you Merchant.:)
  3. divinenews giveaway Simply Good Pictures giveaway

    My license did not appear. ...Did anyone else get a license?
  4. divinenews giveaway Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 giveaway

    Great software. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
  5. divinenews giveaway AweEraser for Widows giveaway

    Does this have full lifetime updates like the version they sell on their homepage?
  6. divinenews giveaway AweClone for Windows giveaway

    Is this a lifetime license and can it be upgraded? Thank you,
  7. divinenews giveaway Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 giveaway

    I would like to be in this contest. Ashampoo software is great.
  8. divinenews giveaway Zemana AntiMalware

    I am new to signing up for contests on this great forum. Where do I go to find out who the winners are. I just entered this contest and am not sure how to find out if I am a winner. Thanks for the help.
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    Use these two "Top Rated" freeware uninstallers together

    I tend to install, plus update, a lot of software on my family's machines. As most folks know, the windows un-installer does a poor job of getting rid of all of what you what un-installed. This can lead to a slower machine and other problems. bi Over the years, I have used may uninstallers...
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    Cloud System Booster giveaway

    You are correct. It is better than it was a year ago when I found a free give-away online. At that time, I cleaned my registry with it and got really messed up when it deactivated some of my other paid pro software. I had to do a system restore, then I uninstalled it. Before Christmas this...
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    With this configurtation, no virus in 3 years!

    I just found out bitdefender anti-virus also has a black friday sale each year with a big discount. This year it was: "The New Bitdefender 2014 – Only $14.95 for all product." I don't know what it will be next year. THIS IS WHAT IT WAS THIS YEAR: Bitdefender The Black Friday Heist 2013 -...
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    People usually do not change for the better, except through the discipline of new wisdom(s.)

    People usually do not change for the better, except through the discipline of new wisdom(s.)
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    With this configurtation, no virus in 3 years!

    When (re)formatting a machine with a new operating system, put's progam manager on first thing. Then, install comodo firewall. (ALWAYS choose the option to route all traffic through comodo's servers.) After that, install comodo dragon (google based) browser or comodo iceDragon...