Download Magnum Opus Crosswords++ Magnum Opus Crosswords++ 20140805
Make your own crosswords and other word puzzles using your own words and clues.
Download Chinese English Dictionary for Windows 8 Chinese English Dictionary for Windows 8
An easy to use application that anyone can use to learn the vocabulary of Chinese language and have words translated on the spot
Download Spanish Whiz Spanish Whiz 9.1
Excellent Spanish vocabulary building program with sound
Download WordZap Deluxe WordZap Deluxe 7.14
Make seven unique words from a given set of letters faster than your opponent
Download VocabTest VocabTest 2.1.2
Helps you expand the size and level of your English vocabulary
Download Vocaboly Vocaboly 3.0
Learning English vocabulary
Download ProLingo Chinese Spanish Dictionary ProLingo Chinese Spanish Dictionary 1.4.8
A software designed to enhance your Chinese and Spanish vocabulary.
Download Interlex Interlex
Interlex is a free software designed to play the role of a vocabulary builder that will help you easily learn foreign words and phrases.