Download NewFileTime NewFileTime 3.21
Easy access to corrections and manipulation of timestamp for any file and folder
Download Moo0 TimeStamp Moo0 TimeStamp 1.16
Modify File Timestamp
Download Sigcheck Sigcheck 2.03
This is a lightweight command line utility that verifies that images are digitally signed, displaying info related to timestamp and version
Download XolidoSign XolidoSign
An application that can digitally sign/timestamp PDF documents
Download File Ace File Ace 2.05
File Ace is an application designed to carry out file tasks that are too complex or time-consuming to carry out manually
Download Unix Timestamp Converter Unix Timestamp Converter 1.2.2
UTC is a little utility with only two functions: convert a Unix timestamp (seconds since January 1st 1970 to date) to a human readable DateTime format and vice versa. So simple it does not need a help file or f...