Download Webcam Video Capture Webcam Video Capture 6.493
Capture and share anything you see on your PC screen
Download EarthView EarthView 5.5.34
High detail views of the Earth at day and night
Download Webcam and Screen Recorder Webcam and Screen Recorder 7.607
Records webcams, full screen or the main display to a video (AVI or WMV)
Download JavaScript Framework Shield UI JavaScript Framework Shield UI 1.7.28
Full-featured JavaScript UI Framework. Works on all browsers and devices
Download Portable RJ TextEd Portable RJ TextEd 12.0.3
No-installer edition, fully-featured text and source editor with support for Unicode, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, and others
Download Hotkey Recorder Hotkey Recorder 5.1707
Hotkey Recorder can record, edit, play back macros, key and mouse events.
Download Key Transformation Key Transformation 8.1707
Customize keyboard layout; Change key on keyboard; On screen keyboard.
Download PlantUml PlantUml 8056
An intuitive application that helps users create UML diagrams via a description language, and save the generated diagram to PNG or SVG file format
Download Take Command Take Command 20.11.40
Take Command is a powerful Windows GUI command interpreter
Download British Bingo British Bingo 1.47
Free bingo game with 3 by 9 boards. Runs within your browser. Play by yourself
Download Desktop Fay Desktop Fay 3.2.6
An animated Email assistant - virtual personal secretary.
Download All My Movies All My Movies 8.9
Easy to use movie database manager with ability to take screenshots from movies
Download Favorite Lock Screen Favorite Lock Screen 1.2.50
Favorite Lock Screen installs your favorite lock/start screen image on Windows10
Download GraphicsGale Free Edition GraphicsGale Free Edition 2.05.06
An accessible program which you can use to create cartoons and pixel arts from scratch, along with to edit pictures from your computer
Download Portable BeeBEEP Portable BeeBEEP 3.0.9
A portable and secure LAN messenger client that helps you communicate with friends in the same network, share files and screenshots
Download Screensaver Factory Pro Screensaver Factory Pro 7.0
Create and distribute screensavers
Download JPEG Saver JPEG Saver 4.18.1
Displays the contents of your images folders as a screensaver
Download Hot Virtual Keyboard Hot Virtual Keyboard 8.5
On-screen keyboard
Download CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader
Decodes QR Codes directly from your screen
Download i.Scribe i.Scribe 2.1.40
Small and fast email client that lets you send, receive and manage emails without fuss. It also supports a contacts and to-do list
Download VisualCron VisualCron 8.2.4
Task scheduler for Windows that works like cron on linux/unix
Download gPhotoShow Pro gPhotoShow Pro 7.4.4
gPhotoShow Pro is an easy to use make-your-own photo slide show screen saver
Download RedCrab RedCrab 6.10.0
The calculator with fullscreen editor
Download oCam oCam 366.0
Screen recording software
Download PointerFocus PointerFocus 2.0
On-screen presentation helper
Download SnagIt SnagIt 13.1.0
Screen capture tool
Download Screen Capture + Print Screen Capture + Print 1.20
Simple screen capture program
Download PyroBatchFTP PyroBatchFTP 3.17
Script driven FTP program
Download AutoHotkey AutoHotkey
Robot. Hotkeys. Scripting.
Download ColorMania ColorMania 6.0
Color Picker with Eyedropper and Screen Magnifier
Download Free Screen Recorder Free Screen Recorder
Free Screen Recorder is an easy to use screen recording software for windows.
Download DeskCam Screen Recorder DeskCam Screen Recorder 1.7
Full screen desktop and window video capture makes videos in Windows Media Video Format
Download Comfort Keys Lite Comfort Keys Lite 7.5
Perform computer actions in one click!
Download Simple DNSCrypt Simple DNSCrypt 0.4.1
A simple management tool for dnscrypt-proxy
Download ShareX ShareX 11.5.0
Screen capture tool with picture sharing
Download StorURL StorURL 2.6.18
StorURL is a small utility that allows you to store all your favorite website URLs with a descriptive title to go along with the URL.
Download Express Scribe Transcription Player Express Scribe Transcription Player 6.00
Digital Transcription software for typists with foot pedal control
Download Icecream Screen Recorder Icecream Screen Recorder 4.60
Powerful and free tool for capturing video and taking screenshots.
Download Simplexety Simplexety
A straightforward piece of software that acts as a VBScript engine and editing utility that you can use to evaluate mathematical expressions
Download mrViewer mrViewer 3.4.5
A compact application that helps users open images and play video files, while allowing them to use hotkeys, alter the gamma level, and switch to a full screen mode
Download IconEdit2 IconEdit2 7.2
IconEdit2 is a TrueColor Icon Editor for Windows.
Download CapturePlus CapturePlus 1.1
Easy and convenient Screen Capture, Image Editor
Download NoScript NoScript
NoScript allows JavaScript and Java execution only for trusted domains of your choice
Download CloudShot CloudShot 5.7.5
A small utility for taking desktop screenshots.
Download WinBatch WinBatch 2017a
Windows scripting language
Download Windows PowerShell Windows PowerShell 5.0/6.0.0 Alpha 14
A free and useful new task-based command line shell and scripting language for system administration
Download 25 Clips 25 Clips 1.40.27
An easy multiple clipboard in a smart cost!
Download ScriptCryptor ScriptCryptor
Turn JScript and VBScript into standalone executables (EXE files)
Download Desktop Projector Desktop Projector
Broadcasting the desktop of a computer to other computers
Download Kaleider Screensaver Kaleider Screensaver 5.1.2
Emulates kaleidoscope, mirroring, 3D mirroring and funneling effects