Download EF Multi File Renamer EF Multi File Renamer 20.05
A versatile tool for comfortable renaming of numerous files
Download Directory Report Directory Report 59
Directory Report - Directory printer, find duplicate files, rename files and show folder size.
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Download TagTuner TagTuner 2.0.1833
Keep your music collection in order. Find tags, covers, play and rename files.
Download WinExt Batch Operator WinExt Batch Operator 1.0
Perform bulk operations for your files / folders.
Download Siren Siren 3.14
Rename files based on expressions
Download Replace and Rename Replace and Rename 1.9
Easily perform both file renaming AND text replacing.
Download Rename From List Rename From List 1.16
Rename files and folders from an imported plain text source file
Download RenameMaestro RenameMaestro 5.4
Batch rename 1 million files with one click - use file info, dates, numbers...
Download Metamorphose Metamorphose 2 0.6.4 Beta
Mass rename files and folders
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Download All File Renamer All File Renamer 1.5
Rename files and folders in batch mode.