Download QuickTextPaste QuickTextPaste 3.77.1
Helps you paste pre-defined text via keyboard shortcuts
Download Macro ToolWorks Free Macro ToolWorks Free 8.3.1
A macro generator that allows you to easily create simple or advanced macros, by sequencing different actions, either custom or predefined together
Download MaxTo MaxTo 2015.11
Automatically maximize windows to predefined regions
Download Random BackGround Random BackGround 1.4.4
A simple-to-use program that comes bundled with limited features for helping you automatically change your wallpaper at a predefined time
Download JPasswordGenerator JPasswordGenerator 1.1
Tool for creating safe and strong passwords from predefined character sets
Download WakeupOnStandBy WakeupOnStandBy 1.7.19
Wake-up PC from Stand-by at a predefined time
Download WinSize2 WinSize2 2.19
A tool that can help you move windows automatically to a predefined place