Download EMDB EMDB 3.56
EMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection
Download TcpLogView TcpLogView 1.32
Keep track of TCP connections
Sub Category Program Row
Download APT Golf APT Golf 2.31
Keep track of golf handicap and statistics. Enter rounds by hole or total only.
Download Date Time Counter Date Time Counter 9.0
Keep track of the years, months, days, minutes, and seconds from past or future events.
Download Netstock Netstock 1.86
Keep track of your own stock portfolio
Download Microstockr Pro Microstockr Pro 0.9.14 Build 822
Keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly earnings on various stock photo services with the help of this modern and smooth-running application
Download TCP/IP Manager TCP/IP Manager
Keep an eye on your network layout with TCP/IP Manager!
Download Alzex Personal Finance Free Alzex Personal Finance Free 5.9
Freeware family finance manager to let users keep track of the budget on the go
Download Portable Yapbam Portable Yapbam 0.18.5
Straightforward and easy-to-use software application that enables you to keep track of your personal banking transactions from your desktop
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Download ClipTrap ClipTrap
Simple app to keep track of the clipboard. Unicode capable.
Download Waste Not Waste Not
Keep track of what's in the fridge and their expiration dates.
Download TV-Show-Countdown TV-Show-Countdown 1.1
You can use this lightweight and intuitive application to keep track of all your favorite TV series and find out when their next episode airs
Download Digital Planner Digital Planner
Simplistic piece of software that comes packed with limited features for helping you create tasks and keep track of them with the aid of a built-in calendar
Download Get Organized Portable Get Organized Portable 1.08
Lightweight application which enables you to keep track of your schedule, classes, courses and assignments, with backup and restore capabilities
Download Port Inspector Port Inspector
Basic TCP / UDP port scanner that enables network admins to manage ports and hosts, in order to keep track of remote clients easily
Download MapleXP Express MapleXP Express 1.16
Keep track of your time
Download SPR International Cricket Ticker SPR International Cricket Ticker
Keep track of live cricket scores
Download SoftCAT SoftCAT 5.23
SoftCAT is a database application designed to help you organize your software
Download Piggy Banks Piggy Banks
Keep track of money in funds until you reach your goal.
Download KeyCounter KeyCounter
Keep track of how many times you press any key(s).
Download Birthdays Birthdays
A simple, straightforward app to help keep track of birthdays.
Download Micro keylogger Micro keylogger 1.75
Micro Keylogger is an undetectable keylogger that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer
Download Fishing Buddy Fishing Buddy 10.0
The perfect computer program for Fishermen to keep track of their fish catches
Download Alpha Clock Alpha Clock 1.3.1
Small and pretty program to keep track of time
Download BootStatus BootStatus 1.0.3
This tool keeps track on how many times your PC boots a day.