Download Tab Writer Tab Writer
Easily write tablature for standard and custom instruments and tunings
Download Music Maker Music Maker
The original for making music - now completely free!
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Download DGenR8 VST DGenR8 VST 5.7.2
DGenR8 brings back the classic beat box sound of the 90's.
Download SVArTracker SVArTracker 1.27
Advanced music creation tool. Next generation of trackers.
Download Shakuhachi tuning meter Shakuhachi tuning meter 1.11
Easily tune your musical instrument
Download Guitar Pro Free Trial Guitar Pro Free Trial 6.1.4
Guitar Pro 6: Tablature editor and player for guitars (Win/Mac/Linux).
Download Guitar Simulator B Guitar Simulator B Rev 7.2
Choose from up to 120 different instruments, arrange notes on your fretboard, and play the tune with this lightweight software utility
Download Portable RQ Money Portable RQ Money 2.3.1
A simple and easy to use personal finanace instrument
Download Dino Browser Dino Browser 2.0.1
Dino Browser is a full featured web browser with extensive support of SEO Tools and instruments. It is fast, secure and portable. It contains a number of project, account and content managers, website
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Download Ultrawave Guitar Tuner Ultrawave Guitar Tuner 1.4
Accurate and easy to use guitar tuner.
Download Instrument Tuner Instrument Tuner 1.0
This tool will help you tune instruments or it can even check your pitch voice