Download HTML Guardian HTML Guardian 7.9.1
Protect your web site source code
Download USB Guardian USB Guardian 4.4.0
USB Guardian protects your PC against USB viruses and worms
Sub Category Program Row
Download ComputerTime ComputerTime 4.2.0
Set time limits and monitor computer use: hours per day/week/month, time of day.
Download HDD Guardian HDD Guardian 0.5.0
Monitor hard drive health
Download ChildWebGuardian PRO ChildWebGuardian PRO 2.0.15
ChildWebGuardian is filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety
Download KidSafe Guardian KidSafe Guardian 3.1.280
Monitor your childs useage such as web, chats, and program useage
Download PeerGuardian PeerGuardian 2.0 Beta 6b
PeerGuardian is a powerful yet petite firewall application
Download Power Manga Power Manga 0.8
By courtesy of TLK Games: a fascinating shooter, legacy of the space adventure.
Download ACS Password Guardian ACS Password Guardian 1.00
ACS Password Guardian helps you safely store all of your user ids and passwords in one place without the worry of forgetting them.