Download BOINC Monitor BOINC Monitor 9.81
Shows BOINC tasks progress
Download 8GadgetPack 8GadgetPack 26.0
Use Vista gadgets on Windows 8
Download Capture .NET Free Capture .NET Free 13.6.6699
An exquisite, powerful and multifunctional desktop utility.
Download System Monitor II System Monitor II 25.6
System Monitor II - Windows Gadget To Display System Health In Real Time.
Download Top Process Monitor Top Process Monitor 9.2
Top Process Monitor is simple Sidebar gadget shows the top processes on your PC.
Download USB Safely Remove USB Safely Remove 6.0.8
USB gadgets manager
Download eDeskToy for Windows eDeskToy for Windows
Windows Theme Advancement - Add Some Flare And Style To Your Background Now With Our Cool Gadgets
Download iGadget iGadget 7.3.1
Extend iPod functionality
Download Ashampoo Gadge It Ashampoo Gadge It 1.0.1
Liven up your desktop
Download Jotted Jotted 1.0
A gadget application that allows you to use virtual sticky's that you can access from your desktop
Download Speed Test Gadget Speed Test Gadget 1.0.20
Speed Test is a meter that monitors your system Mearuring CPU and RAM by itself
Download Desktop Perpetuum Mobile Desktop Perpetuum Mobile 1.0.3
A desktop gadget with animated semi-transparent pictures
Download TweetZ TweetZ
A twitter sidebar gadget
Download UEFA Informer UEFA Informer
The UEFA Informer Gadget tracks football matches scores, fixtures
Download MiniBatteryStatus MiniBatteryStatus 2.6.10
A small gadget designed to monitor battery status of your notebook
Download Internet Search Gadget Internet Search Gadget 1.7
Search Internet and some popular web sites
Download WeatherMAN WeatherMAN 5.35
This sidebar gadget will show the current weather conditions for the selected location
Download CrossGL Surface Calculator CrossGL Surface Calculator 1.10
Calculator and Currency converter gadget with rotation and scaling (360 UI).
Download CrossGL Surface Clock CrossGL Surface Clock 1.00
Surface computing Clock gadget with rotation and scaling (360 UI).
Download MS Office quick start MS Office quick start
Google gadget that will let you easily access a the MS Office applications by adding shortcuts to your desktop
Download Gmail Notifier Gadget Gmail Notifier Gadget
Google Gadget that will notify you every time you will receive any new Gmail
Download Volume Control Reloaded Volume Control Reloaded 1.7
This small Vista gadget displays a volume control and a VU-Meter on your sidebar
Download Noto Personal Organizer Noto Personal Organizer 1.40
An application that is customizable with a pre-loaded selection of cover designs, icons, gadget designs, and maps
Download Amnesty Generator Amnesty Generator 0.6b
Convert web widgets, games and videos – designed to live on home pages, blogs or MySpace – into gadgets for your Sidebar
Download Braille Braille
Google Gadget that will show on your desktop how a word or text would be look if it were in Braille
Download eBay Auction Watch eBay Auction Watch 3.2
eBay Auction Watch is a Google Desktop Sidebar gadget that allows eBay enthusiasts to easily track prices and bids for selected auctions
Download Buddies In Sync Buddies In Sync
Google Gadget that will allow you to easily keep in touch with all your GoogleTalk friends
Download NetToolsPing NetToolsPing
NetToolsPing is a helpfull gadget that will allow you to ping an IP address from your desktop or from the Google Sidebar
Download App Launcher App Launcher
Google Gadget that will allow you to easily launch your favorite applications from a special launch box
Download Crush calculator Crush calculator
Google Gadget that will let you to calculate your compatibility with your crush on your desktop
Download Mini Google Search Mini Google Search 1.1
Vista gadget that will add allow you to easily perform searches using the Google search engine from your desktop