Download Simplexety Simplexety
A straightforward piece of software that acts as a VBScript engine and editing utility that you can use to evaluate mathematical expressions
Download xFunc xFunc 3.3.0
Build complex math expressions
Download ProofTools ProofTools 0.4.2 Beta
A cross-platform application designed to help you demonstrate logical expressions by generating proof trees (also known as analytic tableaux) for your formulas
Download File Punter File Punter
Use regular expressions to shift files into dynamically generated destinations.
Download Search Engine Confuzer Search Engine Confuzer 1.00
Search the web automatically for things you would never look for!
Download Siren Siren 3.14
Rename files based on expressions
Download Limagito FileMover Limagito FileMover
Limagito is a utility to move/copy/del files.
Download Lurch Lurch 0.795 Beta
A text editor that you can use to write complex math expressions
Download MiKTeX MiKTeX 2.9.4521
Sit back and relax because mathematical expressions are finally easy to write within text documents
Download Logic Minimizer Logic Minimizer 1.2.1
Quickly minimize boolean & propositional expressions up to 24 variables
Download SpeQ Mathematics SpeQ Mathematics 3.4
Simple mathematics application with an intuitive and easy to use interface.
Download Tagalog Translator Tagalog Translator 1.11
Translator English<>Tagalog dictionary and expressions