Download Root Genius Root Genius 1.8.7
With the help of this straightforward application, you can root your Android phone to change default factory settings and install your own apps
Download EdgeDeflector EdgeDeflector
Open all links in your default browser
Download Windows Firewall Notifier Windows Firewall Notifier Alpha 10
Extends the default Windows embedded firewall behavior by handling outgoing connections
Download 10AppsManager 10AppsManager 2.0
Uninstall or reinstall Windows 10 default apps
Download Filter Tweaker for Windows 7 Filter Tweaker for Windows 7 6.0
DirectShow filters which will replace default Windows 7 DirectShow filters.
Download Windows Firewall Console Windows Firewall Console 23
With this simple and user-friendly program, you can easily set the safe software in your Windows Firewall, or reset it to default
Download DuckDuckGo for Chrome DuckDuckGo for Chrome 42.5.25
Use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine in Google Chrome browser
Download SVPtube SVPtube 1.1.4
A simple-to-use and portable application that helps you play YouTube videos using your default video player right from your desktop
Download Sunwinder Audio Switcher Sunwinder Audio Switcher
An useful program that was particularly made to make it more easy to alter the default sound playback device on your own system
Download RefreshPC RefreshPC 2.0
Reset the settings on your PC safely and easily.
Download BrowserTraySwitch BrowserTraySwitch 2.05.01
switch default browsers from the system tray
Download Xfer Auto Path Xfer Auto Path 1.4
A Pidgin plugin to set the default location for downloads depending on the user sending the files.
Download ShellEnhancer ShellEnhancer
ShellEnhancer is a utility designed to enhance the default shell of Windows.
Download Microsoft Translator for Office Microsoft Translator for Office 1.0
Add Microsoft Translator as the default translator for the Research task pane
Download Office 2007 icons Office 2007 icons 1.0
Office 2007 is a nice iconset designed to help you replace the default icons for the MS Office suite applications
Download Web Application Interface Web Application Interface 1
Web Application Interface is a collection of 584 icons specifically designed to replace the ones you use by default.