Download WebSite-Watcher WebSite-Watcher 2014
checks websites for updates and highlights all changes
Download RegistryChangesView RegistryChangesView 1.25
Compare your registry to a previous snapshot
Sub Category Program Row
Download Directory Monitor Directory Monitor
Monitor folders for file changes
Download Internet Owl Internet Owl 2.0.1073
Internet Owl watches websites, and tells you when they have changed.
Download ThorroldFox IP Monitor ThorroldFox IP Monitor 2.4.0
A lightweight tool that keeps track of changes to your Internet IP address.
Download Total Uninstall Total Uninstall 6.27.1
Track software changes
Download FolderChangesView FolderChangesView 2.31
Monitor files changes
Download AeroBlend AeroBlend 1.81
Changes the window color to match the current wallpaper
Download Active Directory Change Tracker Active Directory Change Tracker 2.6
Active Directory Change Tracker a powerful tool to track, analyze Changes in AD
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Download MJ Registry Watcher MJ Registry Watcher
A simple system tray application that monitors for changes to any of the startup folders, registry etc
Download DeepGit DeepGit 2 Build 2040
An accompanying tool for any Git client, providing a way to find the origin of the lines of code inside a repository and track changes much easier
Download Bitrot Detector Bitrot Detector 2016.2
Bitrot Detector warns you of potentially undesirable changes to your files.
Download SysTracer SysTracer
Analyze your system for changes
Download Image Resize Guide Lite Image Resize Guide Lite 2.2.6
Changes the image size and aspect ratio. Removes objects without visible traces.
Download Tail Ace Portable Tail Ace Portable 3.5.0
Monitor all the file changes
Download Spy-The-Spy Spy-The-Spy 1.1
An unobtrusive program that helps you monitor system folders for EXE or DLLs changes (addition or creation processes) and receive notifications
Download PassAid PassAid 2.78
Just make an effort to synchronize passwords once and then always use this application for subsequent password changes
Download IP Watcher IP Watcher
IP Watcher monitors public and local IP address. Email or text alert if changes
Download TrackTheLinks Web Browser TrackTheLinks Web Browser 3.0.1
Lists everything on a site; monitor changes; easy browsing.
Download MONOWIN MONOWIN 1.0.3
Changes the desktop or the active window into gray
Download OTL by OldTimer OTL by OldTimer
Detect changes made by spyware onto your PC
Download iTunes Genre Art Manager iTunes Genre Art Manager 1.3.1
Changes iTunes genre artwork
Download Configure Event Logs Configure Event Logs 2000
Automate changes to log file settings with this tool
Download Wootch Wootch
Monitors products at Amazon and notifies you about price changes
Download 12Ghosts SaveLayout 12Ghosts SaveLayout 9.70
Keep changes to your desktop icon layout once and forever
Download Right Web Monitor Right Web Monitor 3.0.512
Use Right Web Monitor to automatically check specified web resources and notify you when a change occurs
Download Right Web Monitor Pro Right Web Monitor Pro 2.5.194
The program monitors specific web resources and notifies you when they change.
Download Hermetic File Monitor Hermetic File Monitor 4.15
Software to monitor files in a folder and its subfolders to detect changes.
Download Web Updates Checker Web Updates Checker 1.1.397
Monitor web pages for changes.
Download WA2Y WA2Y 0.96
A Winamp plugin that changes your status in Yahoo Messenger to the currently played song
Download AheadBy AheadBy 1.0
It changes the output format of the System Tray Clock.
Download WinFortress WinFortress 2.3
This utility is developed to prevent virus activity before any changes are made.