WinRAR is a 32-bit version of RAR, the powerful archive manager
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Compress and decompress RAR files.
WinRAR review by Team on 22.04.2015
WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. WinRAR is extremely easy to use. On the WinRAR's interface you'll find nice large buttons at the top for each of the application's major functions: Add (create archive file), Extract to (select where you would like to take out the contents of an archive file), Test (analyze an archive file), and lots of other buttons. The one that beginners will enjoy the most is the Wizard button -- it launches a wizard that lets you do three jobs efficiently and rapidly: unpack an existing archive file, create a new archive file, or add files to an existing archive file. When you attempt to open a ZIP or RAR file, this program automatically takes over and presents the contents of the compressed file, in order that you could instantly access them. From this main interface window, after that you can manage the archive file by adding to it, repairing it, or protecting it, all using the tools readily available across the very top of the interface. Even novice users will find their way around this program quite rapidly. In case you would like to secure your files, you always have the option to protect your data with a password, while the 'Repair' function comes in handy whenever you try to fix a broken archive file. Aside from the fact that it does a fantastic job when it comes to compressing files, WinRAR additionally integrates dedicated features that allow you to manipulate archive files with an individual click. You can backup the files you're about to compress, you can examine the archived files and also you can even perform virus scans before decompressing, without setting the info stored on your computer at risk. WinRAR integrates with Windows Explorer, which means that you can create an archive file just by right clicking a file or folder. You will see several WinRAR options in the right click context menu when you select a file or folder. WinRAR remains the industry standard in the compression category. It enables you to handle the most popular compression formats using a single interface and at quite high speeds provided by the sophisticated engine concealed under the hood. The formats supported include RAR, CAB, ZIP, LZH, ARJ, GZ, TAR, UUE, ACE, JAR, BZ2, Z, ISO and 7Z. WinRAR undoubtedly comes with one of the very sophisticated feature sets currently available on the market.

Download and install WinRAR safely and without concerns.

WinRAR highlights and features:

Compress and unpack RAR format files.

Compatible with a number of other compression formats like ZIP, CAB, ARJ, TAR, JAR, ISO, 7z, BZ2 and many more.

Support for security attributes and data flows in NTFS files.

Protect compressed files with a password and digital signatures. Block the files to avoid manipulation or eliminate important data more securely.

Handle files of substantial size.

Uncomplicated to use. Includes an helper, referred to as Wizard mode to instantly check the basic functions of the program.

Create self-booting and multivolume files.

WinRAR Change info
1. If Windows User Account Control prevents extracting or archiving
commands to create files in system protected folders, WinRAR attempts
to start its another copy with administrator privileges to complete
the operation. It is necessary to confirm privileges elevation
in response to User Account Control prompt to allow such second
WinRAR copy to run.

2. You can drag files in Explorer with right mouse button, drop them
to some folder and select WinRAR archiving commands in context menu
to create an archive with these files in the destination folder.

3. It is possible to use WinRAR.ini file instead of Registry to store
WinRAR settings. You may prefer such approach if you plan to install
WinRAR to removable media, such as USB flash drive, and then run it
on different computers.

See "WinRAR.ini file" topic in "Configuration settings" chapter
of WinRAR help for details.

4. Added extraction support for ZIP and ZIPX archives using
XZ compression algorithm.

5. If ZIP or ZIPX archive contains any compression algorithms except
usual "Store" or "Deflate", algorithm names are displayed
in "Version to extract" field of archive information dialog.
Algorithms with names unknown to WinRAR will be assigned "m"
name, where "num" is a compression algorithm numeric identifier.

6. "Open with WinRAR" command is available in Windows context menus
for archive formats supported by WinRAR. It can be turned off
with "Open with WinRAR (for usual archives)" option in WinRAR
"Settings/Integration/Context menu items..." dialog.

7. Command line RAR can read the default set of switches from rar.ini
file stored in RAR program folder. Previously it was possible to
define only the same set of switches for all RAR command with
"switches=" string. Now rar.ini also allows to specify
separate switch sets for individual RAR commands using
the following syntax:


For example:

switches_a=-m5 -s

8. Command "ch" supports switches -tl, -cu, -cl also for ZIP archives.
Previously "ch" allowed these switches only for RAR archive format.

9. For archive formats lacking file time information, such as .bz2,
.xz and .Z, WinRAR sets container archive modification time
to extracted files. It does not apply to tar.bz2, tar.xz and tar.Z,
which use file time stored in tar headers.

10. "Keep broken files" extraction option is supported for bzip2 archives.

11. WinRAR icon in Windows context menus is scaled up correctly
in high DPI screen modes such as 150 or 200 of normal text size.

12. It is possible to disable WinRAR "Benchmark" command with
"Benchmark" variable of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinRAR\Policy
Registry key. In multi-user environment "Benchmark" command might
abuse shared computational resources. See "Registry variables" topic
in "Configuration settings" chapter of WinRAR help for more details.

13. Additionally to "sfxcmd" variable containing the entire command line,
SFX module sets "sfxpar" variable containing command line parameters
only, without leading SFX module name. These variables are set before
starting a program specified in "Setup" command.

14. File overwrite prompt in console RAR displays the size and modification
time for existing and new files.

15. When archiving from stdin with -si switch, RAR sets the current system
time to modification time of archived file. Previous version did not
set this time at all.

16. It is possible to use -si and -v switches together. Previous
versions did not allow to create volumes when archiving from stdin.

17. Warning is issued when starting unpacking 4 GB or larger file
from RAR or ZIP archive to FAT32 patition, so user may cancel
the operation. FAT32 does not support files of such size.

Also this warning is issued when starting to create RAR archive
with "Store" (-m0) method if estimated archive size is 4 GB or more.

18. "Select all" button in "Settings/Integration" dialog is renamed to
"Toggle all". Now it deselects archive formats if all they are
already selected.

19. "Delete archive" extraction option correctly removes all .zip and .7z
volumes. Previously it removed only the first volume in the set
for these archive formats.
WinRAR Languages
WinRAR user interface supports the following languages:

Albanian, Azerbaijani, Catalan, Galician, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Other
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WinRAR 5.00 (12.09.2013)
WinRAR 4.20 (30.06.2012)
WinRAR 4.11 (20.06.2012)
WinRAR 4.20 (18.06.2012)
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