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Wandering IPs

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Publisher: Marek Jablonski
Category: Internet / Network Tools
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Wandering IPs Description

What is Wandering IPs software from Marek Jablonski, what is it used for and how to use it?

Real-time visualization of your TCP connections in 3D

Ever thought about visualizing your network connections in 3D environment? Try Wandering IPs, lightweight tool that monitors TCP connections, identifies remote IP adresses and determines their geographic coordinates. Results are projected on interactive, textured 3D Globe that can be integrated with your desktop background. Apart from locating endpoinds, it can be used to trace the route taken by packets across an IP network and list all currently opened TCP and UDP ports on your computer. Program utilizes variation of MaxMind GeoLite database which contains over 4,000,000 IP-to-location records.
Wandering IPs Limitations
unregistered version shows only 5 TCP connections
Wandering IPs Languages
Wandering IPs user interface supports the following languages:

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Wandering IPs 1.5.8 (04.10.2013)
Wandering IPs
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