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HTTP Debugging Proxy that logs all HTTP traffic between your personal computer as well as the Internet
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HTTP Debugging Proxy that logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet
Fiddler review by Team on 08.12.2014
Fiddler is the free web debugging proxy for any system, browser or platform.

Debug traffic from PC, Linux or Mac mobile devices and systems. Ensure the proper cookies, headers and cache directives are transferred between server and the client. Supports any framework, including .NET, Java, Ruby, etc.

Fiddler allows you to see the total page weight, HTTP caching and compression at a glance. Isolate performance bottlenecks with rules like Flag any uncompressed responses bigger than 25kb.

Fiddler is easy and simple to install and has an uncomplicated to navigate interface. As soon as you are done installing Fiddler, your default browser will launch and you will be directed to a "First Run" webpage that links to videos that will help you quickly get started with Fiddler.

Fiddler is a free web debugging proxy which logs all HTTP(s) traffic between the Internet and your computer. Use it to debug traffic from just about any application that supports a proxy like IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and much more.

Easily control and edit web sessions. All you have to do is set a breakpoint to pause the processing of the session and allow alteration of the request/response. You can also compose your own HTTP requests to run through Fiddler.

Use Fiddler for security testing your web applications - decrypt HTTPS traffic, show and modify requests using a man-in the middle decryption technique. Configure Fiddler to decrypt all traffic, or only specific sessions.

The statistics tab of Fiddler displays an overview of all of the objects selected while a pie chart shows the types of data connections to a web site.

Advantage from a rich extensibility model, that range from simple FiddlerScript to powerful Extensions which can be developed using any .NET language.

Fiddler is the must have tool for every software developer and tester.

Fiddler highlights and features:

Monitor HTTP/HTTPs traffic from any browser

Inspect and debug traffic from any client

Tamper client requests and server responses

Test and analyze the performance of your web sites and programs

Decrypt HTTPS web sessions

Extend Fiddler as much as you need

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Fiddler security and download notice periodically updates software information of Fiddler from the software publisher (Eric Lawrence), but some information may be slightly out-of-date or incorrect. Fiddler version for Windows was listed on on 28.11.2014 and it is marked as Freeware.

All software products that you can find on, including Fiddler, are either free, freeware, shareware, full version, trial, demo or open-source. You can't download any crack or serial number for Fiddler on Every software that you are able to download on our site is freely downloadable and 100% legal. There is no crack, serial number, keygen, hack or activation key for Fiddler present here nor we support any illegal way of software activation. If you like software product please consider supporting the author and buying product. If you can not afford to buy product consider the use of alternative free products.

Is it safe to install Fiddler?
Fiddler was checked for possible viruses by various leading antivirus software products and it is proven to be 100% clean and safe. Although, no malware, spyware or other malicious threats was found we strongly advise you to check product again before installing it on your PC.

Please note that laws concerning the use of Fiddler may vary from country to country. Please be sure that you are using Fiddler in accordance with the law in your country.
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