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Publisher: IObit Inc.
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Driver Booster Description

What is Driver Booster software from IObit Inc., what is it used for and how to use it?

Automatically detect outdated drivers on your PC and keep it up to date with 1-click.

IObit's Driver Booster is a premium quality lightweight software that scans your PC for out of date drivers that might be impacting the performance of your Computer and updates them for you. Failure to update these drivers could result in system crashes or various other problems.

Driver Booster is a freeware utility that can scan drivers automatically when you start a program, on given time intervals (daily, weekly or monthly) or when you connect a device. If some of drivers are out of date, Driver Booster offers you the update, automatically retrieving the installation files and launching the updates. Software offers detailed information about device drivers and game components detected on your system, such as device, type, vendor, driver, provider and version.

Driver Booster has a very user friendly interface that will make tasks of updating your drivers extremely easy. All you need to do is click two buttons to find and install updates to your drivers: 'Review' and 'Update All'. Sometimes, as it is normally on PC, you will need to restart your Windows.

Updated drivers mean your hardware will work properly, and deliver the best possible performance. Prevent hardware hardware failures, conflicts, and system crashes.

Driver Booster additionally includes a feature enabling you to create drivers backup and restore points before installing the drivers. This really is great for restoring your Computer to its pre-installation state in the event that malfunctions are caused by the new drivers.

Use Driver Booster to ensure you possess the most recent drivers. Driver Booster takes care of scanning all your hardware and drivers that are installed.

Driver Booster features:
Automatic Detection of Outdated Drivers
Automatic Download of Latest Drivers (enormous driver database)
Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Performance
Driver roll back feature
Supported game components - Supported the scanning for game components for gamers and you can even set to not scan them
Supported unplugged devices - Supported the scanning for unplugged devices

Few words from software developer:
Automatically identify aged drivers and keep it up to date with 1-click.

Device drivers in pc can't be updated directly, as we realize, but the old drivers will even causes the machine crashes, and affect your personal computer performance. To avoid hardware conflict, its quite vital to keep your drivers updated. The most usual means would be to find and download drivers from the manufacturer website manually. But its an absolutely time-hugging occupation.

Driver Booster can identify outdated drivers, download and install the update for you automatically in the background with only one click. It is the right tool to safeguard your PC from battles, hardware failures, and system crashes. What is more, it can also tweak specialized drivers to find the best gaming experience.

Key Characteristics:

1. Cloud-Based Drivers Database
Driver Booster is joined with our cloudbased driver database to ensure the top downloading and scan speed. This dynamical cloud-based driver database automatically ensures for supported devices are consistently up-to-date.

2. Specific driver tweaking to find the best gaming experience
Driver Booster has a special game driver tweaking pack for game consumers that'll deliver your the top gaming experience.

3. Support hushed mode
Driver Booster supports quiet mode meaning motorists will likely be updated automatically within the background without additional clicks.

4. Create restore point
So if any change causes trouble, you can reverse all the changes with an ease.

5. Friendly designed user interface for easier understanding
Driver Booster has quite a easy to use interface. All you've got to do click one-button to it, and it will automatically download and install the latest drivers to your own computer.
Driver Booster Requirements
Driver Booster Limitations
Driver Booster Languages
Driver Booster user interface supports the following languages:

Albanian, Azerbaijani, Catalan, Latvian, Malayalam, Maltese, Mongolian

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Driver Booster
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