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Publisher: Petr Lastovicka
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SokobanP Description

What is SokobanP software from Petr Lastovicka, what is it used for and how to use it?

Skinnable Sokoban game which has 3000 levels with solutions and level editor

It's an old well known Japanese game sometimes known as a warehouse keeper. You push boxes to marked places. This game has 7 skins and more than 3000 levels which can be played in any order. All your solutions are saved to the disk and can be replayed later. You can save your position at any time or undo any number of moves. The player can move to 8 directions by numeric keys. The right mouse button quickly moves player to any position. The left mouse button is used to push a box to any reachable destination (the shortest path is found). You can use the level editor to create your own levels. Skins are just BMP files which can be easily created in Paintbrush.
SokobanP Languages
SokobanP user interface supports the following languages:


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SokobanP awards
SokobanP awards
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Version history
SokobanP 3.4 (14.11.2014)
SokobanP 3.3 (14.10.2014)
SokobanP 3.2 (11.04.2013)
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